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Studio 47 focuses on companies that see the need for a dedicated marketing strategy and value the effort to build, maintain and implement a reputation and brand image for their company. Our goal is to make your customers believe in you. Whether you’re selling a little plastic thingamajig or putting together a grand master plan, we want your customers to feel they’ve made the best choice. We believe close collaboration is the key to that success.

Gaining the confidence and trust of potential buyers is crucial for all companies regardless of market. Having a strong corporate brand supported by visuals and communication tools that consistently identify your firm is critical to success as your company fights for its place in the market.

Our creative team has the eagerness and experience to develop unique solutions that get you noticed and boost sales. While expressing our creative talents, we are conscious of keeping the project goals in mind and staying on track.

Developing a Relationship
We take pride in developing strategies and communication plans that are not only original and creative but serve the purposes of the client. We emphasize building lasting, trusting relationships based on mutual respect and integrity. As your brand partner, we consider ourselves an extension of your company, and take an interest in helping you succeed. Together, we can establish a professional identity for your company and develop a strategy of short and long-term goals for branding and promoting.
Project Research & Planning
Developing a creative plan that meets the client’s marketing and brand strategy needs requires proper research and methodology. Before beginning a project, we take the time to collect the necessary information. We discuss the project at length with the client to get a clear understanding of goals, guidelines, budgets and deadlines. If necessary, we may provide tools that assist in gathering in-depth information. We also review the clients target audience and competitors to establish a clear understanding of their position in the marketplace.
Concept Generation
Once a strategy has been developed, we plan a brainstorming session, including the client if desired, to generate ideas and creative solutions for the project. We then take these ideas and develop them into conceptual themes. The conceptual themes are then presented to the client for feedback and further direction.
Design Execution
After the concept direction is chosen, we layout the entire project keeping in mind the design strategy and maintaining consistency throughout. Copywriting, photography, illustration and programming are produced as needed and incorporated into the design. A tight comprehensive layout is then presented to the client for review and proofing. Once revisions have been made, a final design layout is presented again for approval and preparation for output if required.
Production Management
Our firm has developed a valuable network of experienced vendors and suppliers that we would recommend to produce your final product. Upon completion of designs, if you desire, we will oversee the final commercial output to ensure that a quality product is delivered to you. This includes researching output methods, acquiring competitive estimates, stocks, inks, finishing, file preparation for press, proofing, press checks and any other necessary coordination that may be needed to complete your project.
Measuring Results
Often overlooked, we recognize follow-up is a very important aspect of our business process and one of the most important aspects of communication to ensure a successful project.