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Studio 47 focuses on providing visual communication solutions for corporate branding and marketing initiatives. A well executed brand strategy will touch all aspects of your business. It is how clients and consumers will recognize, remember and define your company. We offer a full range of design-related and brand strategy services and will work with you to carefully develop a plan and produce the elements your business requires.

We are also well aware the world around us is constantly changing and presents new opportunities for us to stay connected, re-connect or reach an entirely new market. Whether it be social networking such as Facebook or mobile applications such as iPhone apps we are always looking at new avenues to connect our clients to their audience.

Corporate Identity

Studio 47 will work with you to carefully develop elements of identity such as company logo, slogans, taglines, graphic standards and business styles, color theory, letterhead, business cards, packaging and signage in order to portray the consistent identity your business requires. These images, once developed, will coincide with your marketing and public relations efforts to establish your reputation and level of credibility.

It is not uncommon to see two or more strong brands coming together through merger, acquisition or consolidation. Maximizing the recognizable strengths and reputations of each into one cohesive unit can be challenging. To accomplish this, a carefully thought out strategy with implementation goals must be developed. We have the experience to help you make a seamless transition and communicate to your costumers the strengths of the new entity.

Product Identity & Packaging

Developing a unique, reliable product is only half the battle of making your merchandise the product of choice for your consumers. Effectively communicating the purpose, quality and features of your product is crucial to making the sale. We can develop an identity for your product that connects with your market with packaging that clearly communicates the features of the product inside.

Marketing Collateral

While a good marketing campaign may take on many different forms as you target various audiences, a well-executed marketing strategy will always use effective collateral that grabs a viewer’s attention, reflects your corporate identity, and communicates the products and services you offer. As your marketing partner, Studio 47 will make the effort to understand your corporate vision and develop a marketing strategy that puts you on course for success. Considering that knowledge, we concept and develop marketing collateral that is easily identifiable as your materials as they communicate your marketing pitch.

Websites & Multimedia

Websites and multimedia are extremely important tools in marketing, communicating and promoting your services and products. The internet has become the key source for consumers to find resources they need 24/7. Every company has uniquely different requirements of a website or presentation that allow it to become the proper and profitable tool they are seeking. We approach each new media project as a challenge to understand the unique needs of the client and develop an interactive experience that draws the viewer in and effectively delivers the information they are looking for.

Advertising & Promotions

Making sales and increasing revenue means you’ve got to get your message out there. Our studio has the creative talent to develop clever, effective advertising campaigns and innovative promotions to get the attention of potential customers. Whether it’s a small publication ad or a special holiday campaign, we put the same creativity into every project to make sure you get the best response possible.

Signage POP & Displays

Effective signage, whether interior or exterior, requires attracting interest and communicating your message in the brief moment that you have a viewer’s attention. This means your signage has to be clean, simple and to the point but also unique and engaging with an association to your brand. We have the experience to develop all your signage needs from billboards and storefronts to counter displays and trade show booths.


Sometimes photography and design won’t communicate your message the way you envision. An original illustration has the ability to emphasize a point and deliver a message in a way that photography just can’t do. We can provide illustrative services to your project when you want to communicate that unique image or when a particular style is needed.